How to Improve IQ Naturally

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If you want to know how smart you are intellectually, you need to find out your Intelligence Quotient (IQ).  It lets you know how your intelligence stands as compared to other people of the world. The IQ varies from person to person.

The following information tells us where we stand in terms of our present IQ:

Over 130 - Excellent. Only 2% of the population reaches this score.

From 120 to 130 - Very good, 8% of the population.

From 110 to 120 - Good, 15% of the population.

From 90 to 110 - Average, 50%, major chunk of the population.

From 80 to 90 - Below Average, 15%.

From 70 to 80 - Low, 8%

Below 70 - Very low, 2%

The IQ of an individual is influenced by many factors such as environment, society, hereditary, background and other such factors. Usually, the IQ of an individual improves naturally as he/she grows. However, if you feel the urge to improve your IQ you can do the following things:


The more you read, the more you can improve your IQ without putting much efforts. You can start off by reading newspapers. You can also try reading new books from different genres to improve your overall skills.

Learn new things

You should always have the urge to learn new things. It is a known fact that with time a person learns a lot of things; however you should put more efforts to learn new things in less time to improve your IQ.

Become ambidextrous

If you use your opposite to hand to write, your brain will put more efforts to work harder in order to understand this new method of writing. This will result in natural improvement of your IQ. If you are ambidextrous i.e. you are able to write by both your hands, it would be more beneficial for you in terms of IQ. If you can write by both hands at the same time, your brain will more efficiently.

Video games

Every video game has different levels of difficulty. When we play any game, our brain works very actively. A game that makes you think a lot and that too quickly can be an ideal one to improve your IQ. When you reach a difficult situation in a game, you may fail once or twice but you will try numerous times with all the possible methods to get over the difficulty. Such situations will effectively help in improving your IQ.

Online games and quizzes

Chess is one of the best games that will make you think of different strategies to achieve victory. Speaking of strategy, you can also trying strategy games like Age of Empires, SimCity, etc. Crosswords, soduku, word games, trivia games, riddles can help your mind to process at a faster rate. Lateral thinking games and shape puzzles will help you considerably in improving your IQ. Such games force you to think differently.

IQ tests

The only way to keep of tab of your IQ is improving is through IQ tests. There are many websites available online, that allow you to do IQ test for free. This will not only help you to properly analyze your IQ but also let you know what you need to do improve your IQ. Whenever you give an IQ test, make sure the surrounding environment is calm and relaxed to get accurate results.

Apart from these, you should also listen to music in order to improve the nerve signaling inside your brain; regular sleep is a must to ensure your brain functions actively throughout the day.

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How to Improve IQ Naturally

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This article was published on 2010/03/29